Do you have consistent vacancies in your commercial properties?  Have our experts apply their strategic leasing programs.  These programs are designed to boost asset value, increase cash flow, and decrease carrying costs. Benefit from our thorough market analysis, knowledge of local trends and management strategy.  Check out market trends such as lease rates, vacancies, and competition and see how they may be affecting your building’s ability to attract tenants.



Property photos, descriptions, bullet-point amenities and location maps will answer most questions a potential tenant may have. Providing these brochures in online databases will ensure your property is as visible as possible.


One of the best ways to attract new business owners is with visible signage. New businesses are always on the lookout for potential, close-by space making signage an easy way to get in touch. An agent can be a liaison between potential tenant calls and questions, saving you time and lowering stress


Potential tenants are searching online databases more than ever before. Stack the odds in your favor by including lots of photographs of the exterior and interior space, location maps, and a full brochure. The more information provided will increase your chances of getting a walk-thru.


While this is especially important for retail tenants, office and industrial may also want this information.  Retail business will be interested in population, median house-hold income and density.  Office and industrial businesses may want to use this information to be in locations where their ideal employees are likely to live.


Our experts will provide a full comparison on your building’s asking rates in comparison to other similar buildings in your area.  Getting a real “apples-to-apples” comparison when deciding on a lease rate will keep you competitive.


Different businesses will prefer different traffic counts.  Retail stores will often want the busiest streets they can get, but office and industrial may prefer a lower traffic count.

5 Tips to Lowering Vacancies in Commercial Property

The number one challenge for any commercial property owner is to keep vacancy rates low. The best way to keep vacancy low is to attract and retain quality tenants – but how is this done?  Here are 5 tips to lowering vacancies in your commercial properties.